The Family Lottrup ver. 030622
The Family Lottrup ver. 030622
@ Jens Lottrup
I inherited the first genealogical material from my father Holger Lottrup Thomsen. This material gave me the opportunity to start my first database of the Lottrup family. In 2003, I received an inquiry from a distant relative Erik Kaarsberg Lottrup in North Jutland. He was working on a larger work about the Lottrup family, but lacked some data from my branch of the family. Our family branches were divided back in the eighteenth century and our common great-great-grandfather was Ole Christian Secher Lottrup. Shortly after, I also got in touch with Jørgen Lottrup, Vojens, who was also researching the family's history. His great-great-grandfather was also Ole Christian Secher Lottrup. This collaboration led to me receiving a whole range of new data and information about the Lottrup family, which has now been incorporated into my genealogy research program. Some of the descriptions made in note form come from Erik Kaarsberg Lottrup's book "Min slægts historie". In 2006, I got in touch with former Commander-in-Chief V.P. Heise, who is the grandson of Severin C.V. Lottrup born 1858. V.P. Heise has especially contributed with the data on the Heise genus. Formerly Deputy Detective Inspector Jens Cleemann Hors has contributed data to the Cleemann family. If, when reviewing the material that has now been posted on the web, you find an opportunity to contribute with comments, new information or corrections to the data, you are welcome to contact the undersigned via E-mail. It should be pointed out that details and biographies of living persons are not included in the material posted on the web.

April 2022 - Jens Lottrup